The Certificate Program

Three easy steps!

The Annenberg Center has established a special designation certificate program to recognize individuals and healthcare practices for environments that ensure optimal, culturally sensitive, and culturally competent care for TGNC patients.

Individuals who complete the program will receive individual certificates denoting their professional development in cultural competency. Practices completing the certificate program will also receive a complete practice certificate - suitable for framing and display - that will raise the visibility of the practice for patients seeking a TGNC-inclusive environment.

1: Attend a live meeting.

When at least one individual in the practice attends a CME-certified activity in the ELEVATE live meeting series, the entire practice and all individuals in the practice become eligible for the certificate program.

  • A list of live meetings in the ELEVATE series can be found here.
  • A list of the Academy of Family Physicians' State Chapter Meetings that will be presenting an ELEVATE program can be found here.

2: Watch online training.

Watch online training. All individuals in the practice - including healthcare professional colleagues and staff - are invited to watch the online training modules available here. If the entire practice watches the online training modules, the practice qualifies for a complete practice certificate. All individuals who watch the online training are eligible for individual certificates.

3: Participate in a phone interview.

Participate in a phone interview. The practice will then choose an individual to represent the practice for a 30-minute phone interview with the Annenberg Center 45-60 days later. This interview will include questions about:

  • Whether all individuals in the practice watched the online training module
  • Your experiences providing gender-affirming healthcare
  • Any changes made by individuals or the practice based on the ELEVATE education
  • How to sustain these changes
  • Any recommendations for other practices

Once all three steps are completed, individuals and practices will receive personalized, gender-affirmation healthcare training certificates.